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Me and My Girl :)

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Well, it started off a just a hang out between me her, her friends and mine, we were 6 of us. we decided to go to the movies and me and this girl, we had a story behind us and had recently fought and argued (once again…) I was pretty mad and she didn’t seem to care.. Anyways we went to a Premiere movie or something like that, well it had beds :P And at first i was sharing the seat-bed thingy with  a friend but then they decided to leave me with the girl. Most awkward ten minutes of my life. I didnt know if i had to be happy mad or just ignore her. Anyways after a while we decided to talk and so on… and we gradually got closer together :) We hugged tight like we never wanted to let go <3 And then i went for it <3 It just seemed like everything stopped my heart raced, her lips so tender her gaze so beautiful <3 And we kissed again <3 <3 

Sad thing is… we argued again… and i dont know how to solve this.. And i dont know if i regret it..

But i think i love(d) her. Im not sure… 

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first kiss.

some people have their first kiss at a dance, or with someone they don’t know very well. my first kiss however, was with my best friend who i’ve had since kindergarden. in the middle of a conversation with the two other friends we were with, one of them suggested me and him should kiss. So we did, and I couldn’t stop smiling afterwords.
I’ve been in love with him for so many years.
And he has no idea that I feel that way.

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